Thank You to everyone who attended First Player Go!

Such a fun weekend!


A retro gamE convention!

December 8th & 9th, 2018  Morristown, New Jersey

FIRST PLAYER GO! is a game convention featuring retro gaming based in the 1980's & 1990's. It's also a new type of game convention -- one that tells an Epic Story! You will play all forms of nostalgic gaming, including Tabletop RPGs (D&D, Rememorex, Pathfinder and more) Tabletop Board games, Larps, classic arcade games, party games and more! 

Convention Features!

With the weekend ticket, you have full access to all gaming content. FIRST PLAYER GO! will have retro gaming features, including: RPGs, classic tabletop games, RPGs, Larps and more! We will also offer upgrade add-on for a full arcade tournament at a local retro arcade, Power-up Tokens and more! No pre-registration or worry of games filling up before the event. All events will be run multiple times and sign-ups will be daily during the convention itself -- there is no fear of missing out!

FIRST PLAYER GO! is a game convention and a grand quest, every time you play a game it adds to the story and affects the direction and outcome of the weekend. Just  few of the convention features are:

The Rememorex Tabletop Arcade

Adventure across a half-half-dozen worlds! Enjoy multiple settings in a fun, easy to-learn modular tabletop RPG system!

Run the GAUNTLET in a wild fantasy-style adventure! Join the PAPERBOY and explore the horror of the Suburbs! Go BERSERK in a wild New-Wave cyberpop rock n’ roll experience! Play STAR WARS and journey to a Galaxy Far, Far Away! Hit POLE POSITION in a high-speed red-line chase! And later on we’ll be dimming the lights and microwaving popcorn for the premiere of…


Phoenix Outlaw Productions and Pandaragon Games

present the debut of…

A Weekend at Wonder’s 

Experience the DEBUT of a live SURVIVAL HORROR experience about nostalgia, discovery, and torment. Return to the joy and terror of a 90s childhood at Princess Wonder’s Video Castle, a family fun center located in the heart of the uncanny valley. Here, among the flickering cabinets and eerie animatronics, every kid’s nightmare is mercilessly real.

Will you turn and run to ESCAPE WITH YOUR LIFE, or dare disaster to find out the TRUTH? Play the debut of this new fictional world, and begin to unravel the mysteries that surround a doomed entertainment franchise.

NIGHT FALLS — the Vampire MegaGame 90’s Edition

Vampires, and those who hunt them, clash in the night. Use your cunning, wit and charm to forge alliances, make enemies, and thrive under the cover of darkness. Join your TEAM to compete in a MEGA BAORD GAME experience. This innovative game supports simultaneously team play for a one-of-a-kind competition of social strategy. You'll make decisions for your team that result in a thrilling conclusion! 

Human Hunters vs. Vampires... need we say more?  

This game will be set in 1999 SUNNYDALE!

Aces & Operatives: GTA Vice City Edition

The Game Theatre has specialize in social deduction Larps and events for years. They will run a special edition of the international hit Aces & Operatives as a GRAND THEFT AUTO inspired experience set to the soundtrack of the video game!

The year is 1984 and you are a member of a CARTEL attempting to grow your ‘sales’ in Vice City. Through various rounds of play you will attempt to grow your cartel by making map based and resource based decisions during Mission Runs. However, secretly within your cartel are undercover NARCS working together secretly to stop you. Can you out the Narcs and grow your network before your street competition takes you out? Aces & Operatives is the first social deduction game to also allow player on player combat.

“Say Hello to my Little Friend!”

Arcade Tournament!

You can upgrade your ticket to enter a retro arcade tournament at the AWESOME Morristown Game Vault, just a few minute walk from the hotel.

Classic D&D

Classic Dungeons & Dragons campaigns will be run during the weekend using the original systems from the 1980s. MAZES and MONSTERS will be everywhere!

Action Figure Battle

Play in our custom Action Figure tabletop battle game! Bring your own favorite Action Figure or borrow one of ours to equip your AVATAR with and face off on the EPIC field of battle!

And more!