The Team

The team behind First Player Go! has years of experience and success in producing event experiences, including: destination weekend gaming and role-play adventures, convention features, MegaGames, large-scale LARPs and Off-Broadway interactive theater events. Additionally, they are a collection of accomplished game publishers (with licenses from major film studios), successful Crowdfunding campaigners, and innovative game designers. Your weekend is being intricately planned and designed by industry professionals with a track record of success in bringing experiential and immersive interactive gaming to market with confident and well planned weekend designs and detail oriented experiences.


The Game Theatre

The Game Theatre produces unique events that combine immersive environments, strategic social gaming, and interactive theatre to create compelling experiences. The company believes in preserving in person interaction as a prime force of entertainment and growth. It's mission is to expand the boundaries of socialization by creating engaging escapes. The company's welcoming designs combine role-play, emergent gaming, and entertainment to create experiential journeys. 

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Nerdy City

Nerdy City is a collective of nerdy artists and designers from Jersey City who love to create games and immersive experiences for creative and fun-loving people. Although the Nerdy City collective maintains forty-plus years in the game industry, its artists remain on the cutting edge of design and social offline gaming. Nerdy City are artists, writers, creators, LARPers, video gamers, and above all, designers. 



Phoenix Outlaw Productions

Phoenix Outlaw Productions are a tabletop and live-action game company with diverse designers and writers with a common goal: kick up dust and make great games. The resolve to design with courage, play games with sincerity, and celebrate the best talent in the gaming industry. They are dedicated to designing and running games with heart and intent. They are committed to inclusiveness and are fans just as much as creators. Oh by the way, they look great in hats.